Nov 6, 2023 Agency News, Ideas, Media

Boris Litvinov Of Left Off Madison: 5 Ways To Manage Your Marketing Budget For Improved ROI

Start your testing and learning journey with digital channels. As you gather insights and successes, gradually integrate them into your standard marketing strategy. Meanwhile, continue experimenting with fresh opportunities. When properly executed, a one-month intensive testing schedule can yield exceptional outcomes.

Left Off Madison Digs Into Specific Ethnicities To Carve Out Its Niche

Their specialty: digging deeper into ethnic audiences and their distinct tendencies (as in, Columbians are different from Mexicans or Argentinians, even though many agencies tend to lump them into one Latin cohort)

Jan 31, 2023 Agency News, Media

Former Dentsu Media Executive Joins Left Off Madison

“Getting back together with Boris only adds more fuel to the agency’s fire to power brand and business growth for our clients’ businesses,”

Mar 22, 2022 Culture, Ideas

Angry at the Price of Food Today? Grow a Vegetable Garden.

Defining the fruit and vegetable gardener.

Dec 2, 2021 Agency News, Culture, Ideas

A Shift Toward Mass Personalization: Robert Douglas, Left Off Madison

Besides a whole lot of mid-sized companies scrambling to get their own 1st party data collection going as they weather cold, harsh reality of a cookless targeting future, I see a huge push in DTC.

Oct 29, 2021 Agency News, Culture, Ideas

People are the Most Important Asset: Robert Douglas, Left Off Madison

Our industry is based upon people — that is the primary and most important asset. Having and retaining the best talent is the most important attribute an advertising agency can deliver its clients.

Sep 16, 2021 Culture, Ideas, Multicultural

One To Watch Unfold: Cadillac, EVs, and Black Audiences

As it turns out, Black car buyers are just not that interested in EVs right now.

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