Left Off Madison Digs Into Specific Ethnicities To Carve Out Its Niche

Their specialty: digging deeper into ethnic audiences and their distinct tendencies (as in, Columbians are different from Mexicans or Argentinians, even though many agencies tend to lump them into one Latin cohort)

By Michael Bürgi for DIGIDAY; Image: Ivy Liu

The agency and ad-tech worlds are filled with ex-holding company executives who left their strongholds to make their own marks. Whether out of frustration with the glacial pace of holding company progress, or just a desire to be their own bosses, it’s a common tale in the brand marketing ecosystem. 

One such agency, Left off Madison (get the double-entendre there?) was formed by a handful of ex-Dentsu and Merkle executives — who hold no grudges since they still actually work with some Dentsu-owned agencies today. Formed primarily by CEO Rob Douglas and president Boris Litvinov, Left off Madison has carved out this niche for clients that are seeking out diverse customers.

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