Our Suite of Tools Enable Us To Identify and Unlock Consumer Groups That Will Drive Stronger Return on Advertising Investment for Our Clients


Built in partnership with evidnt, Left Off Madison launched 40+Madison as a proprietary resource to efficiently and effectively engage more than 40 multicultural audiences nationwide. Unmatched in the industry, this custom tool utilizes programmatic media ad placements to precisely target U.S. consumers based on their origin.

Given that 40% of the country’s population is a racial or ethnic minority, 40+Madison enables brands to reach their buyers with a hyper-focus that was previously unavailable. And, with U.S. Census data pointing to half of American kids under 15 are of Hispanic, African, Asian and Middle Eastern descent, this future buying segment is expected to grow exponentially.

So, how can brands capitalize:

• Automakers tap into 40+Madison to sharpen their message and connect with Chinese-American consumers, avoiding wasted ad impressions on other Asian segments.

• Telecoms use 40+Madison to reach Central Americans living in the U.S., specifically excluding Mexican, Puerto Rican or South American audiences.

• Fintechs, looking to take advantage of favorable exchange rates, work with 40+Madison to target Nigerians, Filipino, and Pakistani consumers across the country.


Left Off Madison, working with evidnt, created Tiendita to track sales at independent and neighborhood retailers, which are not currently monitored by behemoth measurement companies that charge an arm-and-a-leg for the data.
Tiendita gives brands visibility down to zip codes, unlocking opportunities to engage up to 40% of a consumer-base that was previously unreachable. The intelligence shared by Tiendita includes sales data for brands and their competitors, enabling media spend to be seamlessly shifted at a micro-level from overperforming to underperforming areas.

Examples of how brands have capitalized:

• A well-known Mexican frozen food brand measured a 5-percent sales lift at independent retailers that was a byproduct of a modestly funded national ad effort promoting the same brand against shoppers of a big box retailer during the same period.

• An over-the-counter cold medicine company grew its market share by 14-percent by monitoring sales of all types of cold remedies to identify emerging hotspots so they could prioritize ad spending to those areas.

• A leading carbonated soft drink brand defended, and actually grew, its market share by outsmarting encroaching competitors with a persistent monitoring of sales and optimizing digital media allocation down to the ZIP Code level.


Left Off Madison is a certified partner of MRI-Simmons, which serves as the agency’s primary audience insights platform due to its transparency and methodological rigor.

MRI-Simmons possesses one of the few probabilistic, privacy-compliant datasets extensively used for consumer profiling, media planning, data enrichment and activation.

Left Off Madison adeptly mines and extracts comprehensive knowledge on consumers, spanning demographic, attitudinal, psychographic, and behavioral dimensions.

Right Off Vine Production

Right Off Vine is an advertising production company that is focused on delivering integrated advertising campaigns with strong cost efficiencies and ROI. You create it, we’ll produce it.

We believe in striking the perfect balance between production value and excellence, ensuring our clients not only receive top-tier services but also witness a substantial boost in their overall return on investment. With a team of versatile and skilled individuals, complemented by our innovative film and photography studio, Right Off Vine elevates the art of advertising content creation.

What is unique about Right Off Vine is that it has its our own one-of-a-kind film/photo studio just 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan.

In essence, Right Off Vine engineers experiences that resonate, inspire, and ultimately drive results.