Where to Watch the Super Bowl

Consumers Are Shifting Where They Will Watch The Big Game That Could Affect Grocery Sales

No, this isn’t another desperate plea from the ad world to watch my Super Bowl TV spot. It’s about where you’ll be watching because, let’s face it, the Super Bowl is a goldmine for grocery and booze retailers targeting home game viewing.

The National Retail Federation dropped the bomb: last year’s Super Bowl spending hit $16.5 billion, averaging $85.36 per person. Every snack, drink, and decoration is fair game. And guess what? We’re betting this year will top that.

In the latest MRI-Simmons survey, 6.0% of adults 18+ watched the Super Bowl at someone else’s place. That’s a whopping 15.2 million adults—up from 4.6%, or nearly 11.7 million people. Post-COVID, people are venturing out, so expect a higher number of guests raiding your José Olé taquitos, Ling Ling potstickers, Dr Pepper, and Budweiser.

Now spill the beans. Where’s your Super Bowl spot, and what’s in your snack and drink stash?

Source: 2021 & 2023 Fall MRI-Simmons, USA



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