Former Dentsu Media Executive Joins Left Off Madison

“Getting back together with Boris only adds more fuel to the agency’s fire to power brand and business growth for our clients’ businesses,”

New York, NY (January 31, 2023) – It has been announced today that former Dentsu International media executive Boris Litvinov joins multi-service advertising agency Left Off Madison as president to lead the omnichannel, performance, and e-commerce media disciplines for the agency.

Throughout his 13-year career, Litvinov has led media planning, buying, and reporting for dozens of notable brands across multiple sectors. Most recently, he has led media teams at Dentsu International for clients including Hitachi, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy LVMH, Party City, and Upfield. 

Litvinov is joining another former Dentsu International executive and current Left Off Madison chief executive officer, Robert Douglas. Litvinov partnering with Douglas is no coincidence. The two first met in 2012 and worked together in another entrepreneurial environment named Gravity Media. That agency had been a multicultural specialist advertising agency collaborating with clients ranging from Caesars Entertainment and Western Union to Comcast and U.S. Army. Gravity Media was acquired by Dentsu International in 2016. 

The media executive has been recognized by the advertising industry for his work. Litvinov has earned two Telly Awards, one each for U.S. Army and Western Union. The Association of National Advertisers awarded his work with two Reggie Awards, one each for Dish Network and Western Union. Also, Litvinov earned the U.S. Army Coin of Excellence.

His new agency, Left Off Madison, already counts multiple consumer packaged goods and electronics brands to its roster including José Olé, Ling Ling, LUMIX, Panasonic, Tai Pei, and Technics. Litvinov will lead the media and performance portions of those assignments in addition to the agency’s new business efforts.

“Getting back together with Boris only adds more fuel to the agency’s fire to power brand and business growth for our clients’ businesses,” said Douglas. “Boris and I have always complemented each other and in the way we are sort of yin and yang when it comes to the work.” Litvinov is joining other former Gravity Media and Dentsu International colleagues who have previously joined Left Off Madison.

Douglas, who primarily leads the creative and client service teams for the agency, launched Left Off Madison in February 2021. As its company name suggests, Left Off Madison does not follow the typical path of traditional advertising agencies that once filled the office buildings of Madison Avenue in New York. Its disruption lies in its operational approach that resolves many long-held frustrations by marketers. 

Left Off Madison is staffed by senior leaders who have expertise across multiple advertising disciplines– including strategy, media, creative, and production– and function a lot like consultants. This enables Left Off Madison to collaborate with clients to construct the ideal integrated advertising campaigns that will power the brand and business growth that their clients seek. These same agency staffers work at multiple seniority levels thereby making Left Off Madison operate with a lighter, nimbler agency team.

“The entire team is made up of polymaths and multipotentialites—there’s some S.A.T. words for you—people like me who love to traverse across advertising disciplines and work as a team at any level to get our clients’ businesses growing,” commented Litvinov. “I’m really excited for the future.”


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