U.S. Army

U.S. Army

Overcoming Young Recruits’ Personal, Familial, Community and Cultural Obstacles To Drive Membership in U.S. Army 

Alright, buckle up! Our mission was clear as the view from the Empire State Building: we needed to recruit top-notch African-American adults hungry for a long-term career and a shot at leadership in the Army. We’re talking about individuals who were ready to tackle obstacles head-on, from the grit of frontline combat to concerns about that paycheck, all while facing off against some stiff competition from those Marines.

Our insight was as sharp as a Wall Street trader’s instincts: the prime African-American/Black prospects often hailed from single-parent households. These household heads were the unsung heroes, but they carried the weight of the world on their shoulders. They weren’t too keen on letting their kids explore an Army career, fretting about the dangers and unaware of the incredible career paths the Army offers.

Our strategy? It was like a classic New York hustle – we decided to link the life-changing perks of an Army Officer career with some of the most prominent African-American/Black heroes and icons. These spokespeople weren’t just fancy names; they were the real deal, authentic and dripping with credibility, chosen straight from the world of sports and entertainment, the heartbeat of this city.

Our approach was a slam dunk: we joined forces with trusted media partners, crafting a custom content series that showcased modern Black heroes and icons. And where did we serve it up? Right in the heart of the digital world, online, where we dished out insights that had people rethinking the Army.

The results? Well, we didn’t just meet recruitment goals, we blew past them like a speeding yellow cab racing down Fifth Avenue, doing it for eight consecutive years. Our campaign’s click-through rate? It soared high above not only the Army’s past performance but the industry’s norms. And as if that wasn’t enough, we snagged a prestigious Telly Award to top it all off. That’s how we do it in the city that never sleeps – breaking barriers and setting new standards, one recruitment at a time.

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