Making Noise in a Category Dominated by Big Spending Competitors Who Have Cult-like Followers.

Technics has been an integral part of hip-hop’s birth and a fixture in DJ culture around the world. With decades of audio technology expertise, Technics ventured into delivering their legendary sound directly to your ears through a collection of True Wireless earbuds. Each earbud, designed to fit at your fingertips, encapsulates their highest standard of hi-res audio, industry-leading noise cancellation, the ability to connect to 3 devices, and more.

The thrilling opportunity was to launch the new AZ60, Technics’ premium earbud model. However, the challenging reality was that this pitted us against the formidable marketing powerhouses behind Apple AirPods, Beats by Dre, Bose, and Sony, all while working with a fraction of their budget.

Armed with Technics’ consumer research, we harnessed the potential of multiple untapped target audiences using our audience analysis tools. Collaboration with the client to evaluate performance became crucial as we employed diverse media platforms, including digital media, connected TV, digital out-of-home, and audio.

The sweet harmony of “SOLD OUT!” is almost as satisfying as “we’re restocked.” The campaign’s triumphant success led to it selling out in just a few months. A few months later, Technics unveiled the advanced AZ80 earbuds, which, unsurprisingly, sold out again within just a few weeks. Our task was eased by the presence of exceptional earbuds to promote and a client team that has evolved into more than just colleagues – they are like family and true partners.

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