Breathing New Life and Revenue Growth In A Mobile Gaming App That Was Getting Crushed by Competitors

Slotomania, a mobile gaming app under Play Tikka’s banner and later acquired by Caesars Entertainment, faced a challenge. They approached us with a clear mission: boost the game’s revenue and user engagement. At the start, Slotomania had fewer than 600,000 daily players, 7,000 daily installs, and revenue below $200,000 per day.

In comparison, the gaming giant Candy Crush boasted nearly 8 million daily players, 33,000 daily installs, and close to a million dollars in daily revenue. Slotomania was only capturing a fraction of this market share.

To rejuvenate Slotomania, we needed to break free from the conventional app marketing platforms and generate awareness, interest, and engagement. Our strategy encompassed a balanced full-funnel media plan and fresh, compelling creative to stand out in a crowded market.  We tested this in a selection of major markets including San Francisco and Houston.

Our creative approach focused on Slotomania’s unique qualities: it’s accessible, social, and offers endless gaming potential. We summed it up with a bold statement: “Makes boring fun.” Our aim was to create a buzz and word-of-mouth to boost downloads.

To overcome the saturation of online advertising, we pursued offline avenues like television, out-of-home ads in high-traffic areas, and radio testimonials from trusted voices. We also made a memorable mark with an engagement at the Astros stadium in Houston.

Our targeting strategy centered on reaching working-class individuals during commutes and downtime. We avoided the nine-to-five ad clutter and maximized our budget. Geo-targeting was employed in major DMA’s, and elevator advertising was introduced to reach our target demographic.

In the end, our innovative approach breathed new life into Slotomania within the markets we had tested, capturing the essence of a mobile game that brings friends together and offers endless fun. It’s a success story of how strategic creativity and a keen understanding of the market can turn the tide for a mobile gaming app.  The performance of the campaign led to a broader, national campaign push.

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