Mexican National Team

Mexican National Team

Striking A Chord, Igniting a Sense of Community, and Getting Fans To Appreciate Bud Light, Wells Fargo and Pepsi

Soccer United Marketing, the dynamic marketing powerhouse behind Major League Soccer, had a goal: to craft an unforgettable local experience for league sponsors including Bud Light, el Jimador tequila, Wells Fargo, and Pepsi, all tied to the electric MEX vs. USA World Cup qualifier held in Mexico.

In the heart of the largest Mexican community in the U.S. – Los Angeles – we knew we had to do more than just lure fans away from their cozy living rooms and barstools. We needed to strike a cultural chord, ignite a sense of community, and create something that transcended the typical viewing party.

Enter our partners in crime, the experiential geniuses at MKTG. Together, we conjured up a one-of-a-kind soccer fiesta– a watch party unlike anything before it. Our creative approach was a fusion of cultural magic: we blended the essence of lotería (Mexican bingo) with the playful double entendre of El Tri players (think Vela, Reyes, and their triumphant dance on the pitch).

With a mere two weeks to set the stage, we launched an all-out blitz on Hispanic sports aficionados – whether they loved futbol, football, baseball, basketball, or boxing. Our iconic lotería-inspired creative adorned billboards, dominated social media, and took center stage in programmatic media.

And the grand finale? Well, it was nothing short of spectacular. Over 1,000 attendees flocked to the event in just 14 days, all achieved with a budget of less than $10,000. Wells Fargo and Jimador tequila couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear, and the fans? They loved the creative so much that they literally snatched posters off the walls to take home as cherished souvenirs. Wells Fargo, so smitten with the lotería magic, even spun it into their own futbol-inspired ventures. Now that’s what we call a game-winning play.

BTW, we recently found a stash of posters left over. Give us a call if you’d like one.

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