Melia Hotels

Melia Hotels

Creating Innovative Paths To Drive Sales Performance and Profit For A Little Known (but Big) Resort Chain

Listen up, folks. Melia Hotels International might have 400+ properties across the globe, but let me tell you, North Americans were snoozing on it. They weren’t clicking “Book Now” on like they should. We needed to fix that, boost those direct online bookings, and, of course, get the most bang for our ad bucks.

Now, most Yanks jet off to the Caribbean or Mexico for their R&R, and guess what? They love swiping their cards on Expedia for the perfect vacay. But, hold on a New York minute—Expedia slaps operators with a fat 20-25% fee. That’s cash right out of their pockets. Not on our watch.

Our game plan? We dove deep into our bag of audience tricks, fine-tuning our radar for the creme de la creme—those dream guests based on demographics, location, behavior, and attitude. We wanted a personal connection, a 1-to-1 vibe. And forget those OTAs; we wanted our prospects clicking away on

But that’s not all. We threw a curveball into the mix—integration with eBay, a move so bold it’s practically a Broadway showstopper. “La Bomba” sales promotion took center stage, targeting our key markets and adding a countdown for that “get it now” vibe.

The result? Hold onto your hat because we sliced those fees by a jaw-dropping 77%, thanks to some sweet talk with eBay. Expedia? Well, let’s just say they’re not sending us holiday cards.

Flash sales? Boom. Over 500% growth by hitting users where it hurts—their work hours. We didn’t stop there; we drummed up a whopping 200,000 new sales leads in just three days. And the return on ad spend? A cool $4-to-$1.

So, while Expedia nurses its wounds, we’re here celebrating a campaign that not only hit the mark but knocked it out of the park. That’s the kind of New York attitude you can take to the bank.

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