Jose Ole

Jose Ole

Exciting Tastebuds in the Frozen Food Aisle With the Relaunch of This Mexican Food Brand.

Founded in 2000, José Olé has been a culinary force in crafting delectable frozen Mexican delights like mini tacos, taquitos, and chimichangas. Their distinction lies in their commitment to premium ingredients – think tender meat, authentic spices, real cheese, and oven-baked tortillas – creating a memorable experience that’s truly meatier, cheesier, and crunchier.

In 2014, Ajinomoto Foods North America (AFNA) acquired José Olé, establishing a potent national presence in major retailers. Yet, brand awareness remained limited due to sporadic ads. Detailed research revealed a crucial problem: José Olé lacked differentiation and relevance in consumers’ minds. This presented a dual challenge: addressing these issues while driving sales growth despite retail price hikes.

An extensive transformation followed, spanning consumer insights, brand positioning, and an all-new advertising campaign. The revamp extended beyond ads, encompassing organic social media management and a robust shopper marketing initiative by AFNA.

While it’s early to draw definitive conclusions, the recent nationwide launch of these strategies shows promising signs. Strong measurable performance indicates heightened consumer interest and purchase intent for José Olé. This marks a significant stride toward rejuvenating the brand’s recognition and prosperity.


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