Finding New Growth Opportunities For Cadillac Where Others Said That There Were None

The business objective? Simple. We’re out to turn heads and make waves in the world of the young, affluent Chinese luxury consumers in Canada—specifically those with a penchant for luxury nameplates. We’re not just aiming for growth; we’re aiming for incremental leaps in the ATS, XT5, and Escalade models. And hey, let’s not forget, this is our testing ground for future game-changing moves.

So, what’s the scoop? Our deep dive into the psyche of the affluent Chinese Canadian target audience uncovered some golden nuggets. Compared to the run-of-the-mill Cadillac enthusiasts, our Chinese crew puts a premium on a name. We’re talking about the “Fuerdai” (that’s the rich 2nd generation, in case you didn’t know). These folks aren’t just financially savvy; they’re all about living their destiny rather than meticulously architecting their success.

Now, here’s our game plan. We’re not about vague notions of success; we’re about measurable action. We’re steering these young, affluent, luxury prospects straight to our in-language website. How do we measure interest? Traffic, click-through rates (CTRs), video completion rates (VTRs), stickiness—you name it. And we’re not skimping on the visuals—video, programmatic, high-impact ads—the whole nine yards.

But hold on, we’re not throwing out the mass campaign playbook just yet. We’re adding that signature New York touch—customizing media and messages to hit home with the young, Chinese, affluent, luxury segment. No deviations from our mass market efforts, just a sprinkle of attitude.

And now, the results. Our click-through rate? It didn’t just beat Buick (multicultural) and Cadillac (English) benchmarks; it left them in the dust. Video completion rates? Again, outshining those Cadillac (English) benchmarks. That high-impact unit online? It didn’t just engage; it practically stole the spotlight. Now that’s what we call a campaign with a New York state of mind.

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